Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who wants to watch a riot?

What do I think of on Boxing Day? Well.. duh!! Boxing.

I may not be the biggest boxing fan but 2 of my favorite sporting moments occurred in the boxing ring. They're not moments of great accomplishment or moments of heroism. They are moments which are so out of control and crazy that they would make Hannibal Lecter seem normal.
Sometimes that's what is so fun about watching sports. Referees can only control so much and when things get out of hand..... CHAOS!!

Here are my 2 favorite boxing moments:

Riddick Bowe/Andrew Golota- 1996: Start at 2:45 of the video

Mike Tyson/ Evander Holyfield- 1997:

Apparently, all the footage of the fight has been taken down to copyright claims but I'm sure you all know the story of Mike Tyson biting Holyfield's ear three times in one fight, and then a huge riot ensuing afterwards.

Unfortunately there's no video of the riot but I have found something maybe even better...

Mike Tyson's commentary of the fights with Evander Holyfield

Happy Boxing Day!!

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  1. Great tribute to Boxing Day! Elvis Costello has a song about this very idea: