Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 15 NFL Picks/MVP Watch

Jacksonville (4-9) @ Atlanta (8-5)

Atlanta is on the road to a 5 seed in the NFC if they can win their remaining games, which are all against weak opponents.

Atlanta 31 Jacksonville 10

Dallas (7-6) @ Tampa Bay (4-9)

If the Cowboys blow this one, they may as well kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. Tampa is looking like one of the worst teams in the league at this point.

Dallas 34 Tampa Bay 13

Miami (4-9) @ Buffalo (5-8)

Speaking of one of the worst teams in the league, the Buffalo Bills have gone from contenders halfway through the year, to a team who will be picking high in the draft.

Miami 28 Buffalo 14

Seattle (6-7) @ Chicago (7-6)

The Seahawks have come out of nowhere and are now in the hunt for a wildcard spot. But it won’t be easy flying across the country for this one. And even though the Bears defense choked against the Broncos last week, they should hold up against Seattle.

Chicago 16 Seattle 7

Carolina (4-9) @ Houston (10-3)

Is Houston QB T.J. Yates for real? He will be for another week as he and the rest of the Texans potent offense go up against a bad Panthers defense.

Houston 27 Carolina 14

Tennessee (7-6) @ Indianapolis (0-13)

It’s almost over, Colts fans.

Tennessee 24 Indianapolis 14

Green Bay (13-0) @ Kansas City (5-8)

The Packers also want the regular season to be over already, but for different reasons.

Green Bay 37 Kansas City 13

New Orleans (10-3) @ Minnesota (2-11)

The Saints playing for a two seed in the NFC and a first round bye means they will punish the Vikings, who are a lock for the #2 or #3 selection in the draft.

New Orleans 32 Minnesota 17

Washington (4-9) @ NY Giants (7-6)

These are the kind of emotional letdown games that the Giants always seem to lose. But you would think they could gather up enough energy to beat the Redskins.

NY Giants 30 Washington 10

Cincinnati (7-6) @ St. Louis (2-11)

The Rams continue to shock people with how big of a backwards step they’ve taken this year.

Cincinnati 24 St Louis 6

Detroit (8-5) @ Oakland (7-6)

Tough to side with the Raiders right now, after they went on the road and embarrassed themselves in Miami and Oakland.

Detroit 24 Oakland 21

Cleveland (4-9) @ Arizona (6-7)

There is really nothing good to say about this game other than props to the Cardinals for making a late season run.

Arizona 23 Cleveland 13

New England (10-3) @ Denver (8-5)

There’s no effing way Tebow..

New England 27 Denver 17

NY Jets (8-5) @ Philadelphia (5-8)

I have a feeling that the Eagles that everyone thought we’d see this year will show up in these last few weeks of the season when the team is already out of playoff contention, and save Andy Reid’s job in the process.

Philadelphia 27 NY Jets 24

Baltimore (10-3) @ San Diego (6-7)

The Ravens need to keep winning to hold off the Steelers for the AFC North title.

Baltimore 24 San Diego 22

Pittsburgh (10-3) @ San Francisco (10-3)

Not sure if Roethlisberger will be able to play this game or not…if so, he obviously won’t be 100 per cent and facing a stingy Niners defence will cause him problems.

San Francisco 23 Pittsburgh 20

MVP Watch (Last week’s rank in brackets)

5. Matthew Stafford (5) QB Detroit 3754 YDS 29 TD 14 INT

The Lions looking like they may sneak into a wildcard spot in the NFC.

4. Tom Brady (4) QB New England 4273 YDS 33 TD 11 INT

He keeps bailing out his defense every single game.

3. Drew Brees (2) QB New Orleans 4368 YDS 32 TD 11 INT

Needs 717 yards in the final three weeks to break Dan Marino’s single season passing yardage record. That would be an average of 239 yards a week. So in other words, it’s happening.

2. Cam Newton (3) QB Carolina 3573 yds 15 TD 16 INT 13 rushing TD

If Andy Dalton wins offensive Rookie of the Year over Newton, it would be an absolute joke.

1. Aaron Rodgers (1) QB Green Bay 4125 yds 39 TD 6 INT

His star receiver, Greg Jennings, went down last week which begs the it time to rest Rodgers before he becomes the next one being carted off?

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